Proactively Managing Aspen Travel Delays

We all know how poor winter weather can disrupt air travel. Dicy weather in one part of the country can have a domino effect on flight schedules on the other side of the continent. And, local winter conditions in Colorado and poor winter mountain weather forces United Airlines to cancel Aspen flights.

If you miss your flight into Aspen because your incoming flight into Denver is delayed or if your flight to Aspen is delayed or cancelled because of weather or mechanical problems, you have four options:

Option 1 - Chartered Bus Option: United may offer to put you on a chartered bus to Aspen. This option often turns out to be a long and tiresome journey to Aspen because everyone's luggage must be collected, loaded on the bus ... and because the bus typically stops for a refreshment and/or bathroom break ... it can become a long journey.

Option 2 - Airport Hotel Option: this involves an over night hotel stay at the Denver Airport and a re-booking on a flight to Aspen the following morning. Ask United for both food and discount hotel vouchers. If you have trouble obtaining a confirmed a seat on an Aspen-bound flight, consider making a request to be booked on the next available flight to Eagle or Grand Junction where you can either rent a car or take ground transportation to Aspen. If you need a hotel reservation review our list of Denver Airport Hotels.

Option 3 - Car Rental Option: There is also a third option for getting to Aspen. If you feel comfortable with snow and mountain driving you can do a one-way car rental to Aspen. While it is more effort to drive than just sit on a bus, the trip is usually much faster and less eventful. Often you can gather a group of people who are willing to share the cost of the rental. Be sure and check the
Denver to Aspen road condition cameras
before taking this option.

Option 3 - Ground Transportation Option: A fourth option is to take a limo or shuttle van to Aspen. The economics depend upon the number of people in your party and they style in which you prefer to travel. Thre are several options including Aspen-based Smiddy Limo (970-925-7505) or Colorado Mountain Express (800-549-2785).

Our Personal Recommendation: If your schedule permits, stay over night at one of the on-site Denver Airport hotels and fly out the next day. If roads are clear and you feel comfortable with mountain driving our second choice would be to rent a car. If roads are clear but you don't like mountain driving our third choice would be ground transportation. Our least preferred choice is the chartered bus.

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