Denver International Airport Hotels

If for any reason you find yourself needing to stay overnight at Denver International Airport (DIA), here is a selection of recommended on-site airport hotels, all with complementary shuttle van service between the terminal and the hotel:

Marriott Courtyard
Fairfield Inn (303-576-9640)
Red Roof Inn (303-371-5300)
Holiday Inn Express (303-373-4100)
Embassy Suites (303-574-3000)
La Quinta Inn & Suites (303-371-0888)
Hampton Inn (303-371-0200)
Comfort Suites (303-371-9300)
Days Inn Business Place (303-373-1500)
Ramada Limited & Suites (303-373-1600).

Being savy Aspen travelers, we keep this DIA hotel contact list in our cell phone and with us at ALL times.

On one trip we were returning to Aspen on an afternoon flight from Newark. New Jersey was experiencing multi-hour thunderstorm flight delays and the weather was also not good in Denver. Anticipating a connection probem in Denver, while on the plane still on the ground in EWK we used our cell to phone to make a reservation at one of the DIA hotels. Unfortunately (or fortunately) our gut instinct was correct.

We arrived late in Denver and there were masses of people who had their flights cancelled ... all trying to find a hotel to stay overnight ... and all seeking to get their flights re-booked. Because we were prepared, we had a secured hotel reservation.

Net resutl: we stayed overnight at DIA and flew into Aspen on the first flight out the next morning. All events were anticipated and calmly manged, with minimal hassle. Because we were prepared.
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